Things that Cause Squealing Sound in Car's Engine - Service Information to Know from Hanson KIA

Nobody likes whining, but it does serve its purpose well by drawing attention to the fact that something isn't right. The same holds true of cars. If you hear a squealing or whining noise coming from the engine of your Kia, it's time to schedule a service appointment. Not only is the sound annoying, but it can mean that your engine needs attention.

Hanson Kia is glad to help you out by giving you information on Kia service, including this particular problem. Below are four reasons your engine might be making these noises.

A worn alternator could be the cause; a new alternator is seen here.

4. Worn Alternator

Most modern vehicles have an alternator that's driven by a belt. This alternator recharges the battery in your Kia, as well as providing the power for the electrical systems when the car is turned on, so it has an important job. Like all parts, alternators can wear out over time. If the bearings in the alternator have begun to wear out, the alternator may begin to make a high-pitched squeal.

A drive belt.

3. Worn Drive Belt

The drive belt in your engine makes sure that various parts of your Kia (including the aforementioned alternator) run properly. Since these belts are generally made of rubber, they will deteriorate over time. A worn-out drive belt will usually make a squeaking or squealing noise. The good news is that replacing this belt is a relatively easy service.

The various pulleys a bet fits around can make noise.

2. Worn Pulley Bearings

If the drive belt is fine, the belt's pulleys are the next place to look. If these pulleys have sustained any damage, they may make a whining noise as they spin. Replacing the offending pulley or pulleys should make things quieter again if this is the cause.

1. Worn Belt Tensioners

Since they're made of rubber, belts tend to stretch out as time goes by. In older cars, this meant that the belt tension would have to be regularly adjusted; however, modern vehicles have automatic belt tensioners that perform this job for you. If these belt tensioners have worn out or gone bad, they won't be able to adjust the belt tension. This could be another cause for a whining sound, and it can be fixed by replacing the belt tensioners.

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