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April 9, 2019

Your Kia has a number of dash lights designed to alert you that something needs your attention. However, the check engine light can cause particular uncertainty. As a catch-all light that tells you that something in your engine needs attention, it can leave you wondering just how serious things are. Here are four important things to know about this light, including what you should do if it turns on.

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4. You Should Have the Code Read

No matter what's causing your vehicle to throw out a check engine light, you should take it to an authorized Kia service center to be inspected. The technicians will use a Kia-specific code reader to figure out exactly what's causing the problem.

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3. If the Light Is Steady, You Can Keep Driving

The check engine light shouldn't be ignored. It's a sign that something isn't as it should be. Ignoring it could lead to decreased performance and gas mileage and increased pollution, and it can even damage your engine over time. However, if the light is steady, that means that there's likely no emergency that will make driving dangerous right away.

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2. Try Tightening the Gas Cap

If the light is steady, there is one trick you can try before you bring your Kia in to have the code read. If you've recently added gas to your vehicle, find a spot to park. Then, remove the gas cap and screw it on again. A loose gas cap can make the check engine light turn on. If the light stays on, or if it comes on again soon afterwards, it's likely another problem.

1. If the Light Is Flashing, Pull Over

While a steady check engine light means that you can drive your vehicle to a service center, a flashing light is more urgent. It could signify that a serious misfire has occurred in the engine, which could damage expensive components. If the check engine light flashes, pull over as soon as you can safely do so and have your car towed to a service center like Hanson Kia.

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