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April 9, 2019

The tires on your Kia do a lot of work. They help you get where you need to go, and they also keep you safe. Good tire care is crucial to your safety and your vehicle's performance, but it's often overlooked. Below, we've listed six simple things you can do to help keep your tires in good condition.

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6. Look at Your Tires

How often do you get into your car without even glancing down at your tires? It's a good habit, before you start your drive, to take a quick look at your vehicle, paying special attention to the tires. Damage is often easy to spot just by looking, and noticing it before you get in the car can help prevent trouble.

5. Check Tread Depth

The treads on your tires are important, especially in places where the roads are often wet (sound familiar?). Fortunately, checking the tread on your tires won't cost you anything more than a cent. Next time you find a penny, hold it with Abraham Lincoln's head facing down. Then, put the penny between the tire's tread ribs. Take a look at how far the coin gets buried in the tread. If the top of Lincoln's head is covered, your tread levels are still good. However, if you can see most or all of the top of his head, you'll want to get some new tires soon.

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4. Check for Proper Inflation

A tire pressure gauge is a good thing to keep in your car at all times. This is because both overinflated and underinflated tires can be bad news. They can make your vehicle perform worse and get lower gas mileage. They can even be more susceptible to blowouts and other damage. Tires naturally lose a little bit of air pressure over time, so don't assume that a tire that's been properly filled will stay that way forever.

3. Have Your Vehicle's Tires Rotated Regularly

Tires don't wear down at the same rate. If you're driving a two-wheel drive vehicle, the drive wheels will wear down faster than the other ones. Even the tires on all-wheel drive vehicles don't wear down at the same rate, since the front tires still have to deal with the weight of the engine and driver. In order to expand the lifespan of all four tires, it's best to have their positions changed regularly. This way, they all get to share the load more equally.

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Though these are the four main parts of the exhaust system, there are several other components that make everything work together. From oxygen sensors to hangers and joints, the exhaust system has a number of components that make it function properly.

2. If Necessary, Get Your Wheels Aligned

A misaligned vehicle can be dangerous, since it's easy to drift into the wrong lane. However, it can also damage the tires. The tires on a vehicle that's not aligned as it should be can wear down in a very uneven way, making it necessary to replace them sooner.

1. Don't Push Your Tires Too Much

The tires on your Kia are built to put up with a lot--but they have their limitations, and respecting them is key. Treating your tires poorly can also negatively affect other systems in your car. Loading too much weight into your vehicle is bad for the suspension, but it can also make tires much more prone to damage. Driving too fast can put your tires at risk--not to mention your life and the lives of others.

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