Things to Know About Rodents Chewing on Vehicle Wires - Service Information to Know from Hanson KIA

Of all the places rodents should be, your car is not one of them. These pests can be irritating, can leave behind dangerous droppings, and can even damage your vehicle. That's because their teeth are constantly growing, so they have to gnaw things to keep them short enough. The soft, insulated wires in your vehicle are a perfect target for rodent teeth. We want to help you take care of your Kia, so we've put together this list on how to keep pests like mice and rats from chewing on the wires of your car.

Wires in a vehicle's engine.

4. Make Your Vehicle Less Accessible to Rodents

You might hear that many car break-ins aren't planned, but are instead crimes of opportunity. The same is true of rodents who take up residence in car engines. They're likely looking for a warm, dry, and dark place to stay, and under the hood of your Kia fits the bill. Your task, then, is to make your vehicle as inhospitable to vermin as possible. If you can, we recommend parking in a garage. This removes you from areas where rodents are most likely to be. If you are able to use a garage, it can be helpful to raise the hood of your Kia. This may sound counterintuitive, but it can make the engine seem less inviting because it isn't darker than the surrounding areas.

If you have to park outside, make sure you drive your vehicle regularly. After all, turning a warm, quiet place into a hot, loud place is sure to send the message that pests need to make their homes elsewhere.

A person holds gnawed wires.

3. Fortify Your Space

If you're in a garage and are still experiencing this problem, there are further steps you can take. First is to make sure you're not keeping any pet food in the garage, as the smell of this food serves as a siren song to mice and rats. After that, take a look around the garage. If you see any cracks, no matter how small, the rodents might be using them to get in. Stuff these with steel wool, which is nearly impossible for rodents to chew through.

2. Use Rodent Repellent & Traps

In addition to making your garage a fortress, you may want to also use rodent repellent. Repellent often comes in spray form, so you can cover various areas of your vehicle and garage. However, for a longer-lasting effect, you can buy rodent repellent tape and wrap some of it around the wires in your car. Many repellents use unpleasant tastes, including concentrated capsaicin, to tell rodents that they should look elsewhere to chew. However, there are some that rely on smell, like powdered fox urine. The rodents will then think that a predator is nearby and seek out an alternate home.

For a somewhat messier solution, you can also add traps. Regardless of the type of trap, catching the vermin is a good idea.

Close-up of frayed, gnawed wires.

1. Call the Pros

If these remedies don't work, or if you don't want to go to all the trouble, we recommend calling a licensed exterminator. In addition to getting rid of your mouse or rat problem, they can help find areas you may have missed where the pests are getting in. With their expertise, they may even be able to give you personalized tips on how to guard against the problem in the future, as well.

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