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Why do My Belts and Hoses Need to be Replaced? | Service Questions, Answered at Hanson Kia

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Rubberized belts and hoses under the hood of your Kia help power accessories and enable your engine, brakes and more to perform the way they should. Flexible rubber construction is necessary, in lieu of plastic or metal construction, to tolerate vibrations and road motion as well as changes in temperature and pressure - but rubber breaks down over time. Eventually, hoses will spring leaks and belts can stretch and even snap. This can cause components to fail, leave you stranded beside the road or even cause major engine damage!

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That's why the experts at an authorized Kia service department will inspect and maintain all the belts and hoses in your car. By having them replaced before they can go bad, you can keep your engine running without incident. Your owner's manual has a recommended schedule of all services, including when to have your belts and hoses inspected or replaced. Consult your owner's manual today, or simply consult with the factory-trained technicians at your nearest Kia dealership.

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What Are the Risks of Failed Belts and Hoses?

If a coolant hose springs a leak, your engine might begin to overheat. Because of the potential for catastrophic engine damage when moving metal parts fuse together from excessive heat, it's not safe to drive an overheating car! It's always recommended to have any issues with the cooling system professionally addressed. Failures in the brake lines will also render your car unsafe. A power steering hose that fails might not render your Kia undrivable - but it will become noticeably difficult to turn, particularly at low speeds.

When an accessory belt fails, the component it's attached to - like an A/C compressor - will stop working. If the belt snaps completely, the whipping motion caused by its rotation might damage other components in the engine, too!

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However, the biggest risk is with the timing belt. The timing belt is typically located under a cover deep inside the engine. It synchronizes the pistons with various other moving parts in the engine. If the combustion process doesn't occur with precise timing, the engine will die and in many cases sustain serious damage. While some Kia models use a permanent timing chain for this purpose, if your Kia is equipped with a rubberized timing belt, it's absolutely crucial that you have it replaced before it can fail. Be sure you know the recommended replacement interval for the timing belt, helpfully outlined in your owner's manual, and visit your nearest Kia dealer service center before you reach it.

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