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Common Kia Maintenance Questions: What do I do When my Kia Starts to Overheat?

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In a modern engine, a little extra heat can be a big problem. To maximize performance and efficiency, today's engines are smaller than ever, and built to withstand higher temperatures and pressures. This helps them generate more power for less fuel, which is a very good thing! However, it also means there is no margin for extra heat. Beyond the expected operating temperatures, an engine can rapidly break down. Seals can fail, fluids can boil, metal parts can fuse together - it can even ruin an engine entirely. When you see the temperature warning light turn on in your Kia gauge cluster, take it seriously. Stop driving the vehicle as soon as it's safe to do so. It's the only way to prevent massive engine damage.

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If you're close to home, or within a few minutes of a Kia service department, there is one thing you can try: Blast the heater. It's a little counterintuitive - but you're not asking the engine to generate more heat. The heater works by using the heat already created by the engine. Putting the heater on full blast can often pull enough heat away from the engine to buy you a few extra minutes of safe travel time, to get to an authorized Kia dealer. You might not enjoy the drive on a hot summer's day, but you will enjoy keeping your Kia engine in one piece.

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What's Causing my Engine to Overheat?

Of course, the possibility always exists for a false reading from the temperature gauge, but it's unlikely. Once your vehicle has cooled down, you could check the coolant level. If it's low, you almost certainly have a coolant leak. You'll need to have the coolant system sealed up good by a professional, new coolant added to the system and the whole engine evaluated to check for other problems. Other potential problems that can contribute to overheating include a bad thermostat, a blown head gasket, or engine oil that's gone well past its usable service life - just to name a few.

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For all your Kia service needs, the expert technicians in the Hanson Kia service center are always happy to help. Consult with them with any of your maintenance questions in the greater Olympia area.


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