Why Is Smoke Coming From the Tailpipe Service FAQs in Olympia, WA
KIA smoke coming from tailpipe service FAQs

Why Is Smoke Coming Out of My Kia Vehicle's Tailpipe? What Should I Do About It? Find Out more in Olympia, Washington

Get answers about smoke coming from your KIA's tailpipe

Smoke coming from your vehicle's tailpipe is not a good sign--however, there's a chance that it's not smoke at all, but vapor. If your vehicle has been sitting in the cold for a long period of time (overnight, perhaps, or for the duration of a work day), it's common for steam to come from the tailpipe when you start the engine. In cases like these, the vapor dissipates quickly, and disappears entirely once the engine warms up. This is completely normal. However, if the emissions continue even after the engine is warmed up, it's a potential sign of a more serious problem.

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Learn why smoke is coming from your KIA's tailpipe and how it can fixed

What Does the Color of the Smoke or Vapor Mean?

If your Kia has a gas engine and dark smoke is coming from the tailpipe, it means that something isn't right with the combustion process that happens in the cylinders. If the smoke is blue or dark grey, oil may be getting into the combustion chamber. Black smoke can mean that the cylinder has too much gas. And if white or light grey smoke (different from the aforementioned vapor) comes from the tailpipe, engine coolant may be getting into the cylinder. None of these things are supposed to happen.

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How Can a Smoking Vehicle Be Fixed?

Unfortunately, fixing a smoking engine is usually a more intensive undertaking, since it means that something that doesn't belong in the combustion chamber is still getting through. Often, a blown head gasket is the cause for this--but there are many other culprits. Because it can be tricky to diagnose exactly what is causing the smoke, it's best to trust the experts.

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