What Engine Misfires Are & How to Fix Them Service FAQs in Olympia, WA
KIA engine misfire service FAQs

What Is an Engine Misfire? Get the Answers in Olympia, Washington

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Proper engine firing is caused by an ignition of an air/fuel mixture--so a misfire is when this mixture does not ignite. This generally leads to decreased power in the engine. A misfire can happen once randomly, or it can keep happening. But whichever one it is, most modern vehicles have a computer that will detect which cylinder has had the misfire.

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What Causes Engine Misfires?

Since proper engine firing means that the fuel, oxygen, and spark are all working together, a misfire means that one of these isn't doing its job. If the spark is the issue, that means that something is keeping the current from getting to the electrode of the spark plug. This type of misfire can often be fixed by checking for failed or faulty components (including the spark plug and the ignition coil) and replacing them.

It could also be due to a problem with the fuel. This usually leads to more misfires at lower speeds and fewer at higher speeds. This may be caused by a bad fuel injector system, or the system may lack adequate fuel pressure. Replacing the fuel filter or checking the fuel pump are usually the first steps to take when fuel is the suspect.

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Mechanical problems, though much rarer, can also cause misfires. This is particularly true on older vehicles, where the spark's timing was mechanically controlled rather than electronically controlled. If a mechanical failure causes a misfire on a modern vehicle, it's a good sign that there is a serious problem.

Can I Ignore a Misfire?

You should not ignore a misfiring engine--even if you only notice it once. It may seem like only an inconvenience; however, a misfire at an inopportune time (like when you're trying to merge onto the highway) can cause big trouble. In addition, a misfire is an indication that your vehicle needs service to be reliable again.

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