What's the Difference Between Synthetic and Conventional Oils Service FAQ Information in Olympia, WA
KIA sythetic and conventional oil service FAQs

What's the Difference Between Synthetic and Conventional Oils? Hanson Kia Service FAQs

KIA sythetic and conventional oil answers

Conventional motor oil is merely crude oil that has been refined for use in your engine. Synthetic oil is a cleaner, higher quality product. Not only is it refined, it's distilled and purified until its impurities are removed and virtually nothing but pure, quality oil remains. That means it's stronger to last even longer in your engine. When you choose synthetic oil, you can go longer in between oil changes than you could with conventional and your engine will be even better protected.

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Below, we'll discuss what the engine oil does in your vehicle, and why synthetic oil is so advantageous. If your vehicle is still equipped with conventional oil, you should probably have the oil regularly changed every 3,000 miles. By switching to synthetic oil, you can go twice as long or more between oil changes! To learn more about taking care of your engine with a quality motor oil, consult with a service advisor at your nearest KIA dealership.

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What Does the Oil do in my Engine and Why does Synthetic do it Better?

At the heart of your engine are rapidly-moving metal parts: Valves are opening and closing, pistons are rapidly traveling up and down the cylinders and it's down to the engine oil to lubricate them all. Otherwise, the metal components could scrape against one another, severely damaging the engine.

What's more, today's engines are smaller and more efficient, and often have turbochargers added to boost power. Components inside a turbocharger can rotate at hundreds of thousands of revolutions per minute, which means keeping them well lubricated is essential!

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As it breaks down, conventional oil leaves sludge deposits in the engine and becomes too thin to lubricate all your engine's moving parts. Synthetic oil is different. It won't form sludge as rapidly and won't thin out as it breaks down.

Synthetic oil can also endure more extreme temperatures. That's why you'll find that many high-output engines require synthetic oil. But switching to synthetic will benefit all engines with superior wear protection and performance!

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