What Should I Know About Replacing a Burned-out Fuse Service FAQ in Olympia, WA
KIA burned-out fuse service FAQs

What Should I Know About Replacing a Burned-out Fuse in my Vehicle? Hanson Kia Service FAQs

KIA burned-out fuse answers

When something goes wrong with the electrical system on your vehicle - whether it's a dome light that won't turn on, a problem with the climate control or infotainment systems or trouble even starting the engine - the fuse box is one of the first places to look for problems. If a fuse is blown, replacing it is simple and can often get you back on the road! However, if you have an underlying issue somewhere in the electrical system, you're likely to just keep blowing fuses. Below, we'll explain everything you need to know about your car's fuses and why they might go bad.

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Did you know there's more than a mile of wire inside a modern car? That makes diagnosing automotive electrical problems almost impossible for amateurs! When the electronics of your vehicle are on the fritz, it's best to trust the pros at your local Kia dealership. They're equipped with special tools and years of experience that'll help them find and fix your vehicle's particular electronics problem.

Why did a Fuse Blow on my Car?

If there's a fault or a short circuit somewhere on your car, that can cause a fuse to blow. Or, a faulty electronic component can go bad and begin drawing excess current, which will also blow a fuse. Any time that a fuse burns out, it's because too much electricity was being drawn through that fuse. Rather than risk damage to the vehicle, the fuse simply burns out - interrupting the flow of electricity. This protects your car from damage, but it also means every component hooked up to that fuse will stop working.

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How do I Fix a Blown Automotive Fuse?

Replacing a fuse is relatively simple: Using the fuse box diagram in your owner's manual, find the fuse associated with your failed electrical system. Pull it out and take a look inside. If you can see that the metal element inside has melted, then the fuse is blown. You can replace the fuse with a new fuse of the same color-coded amperage to restore the circuit. However, if the new fuse blows right away, you'll want to have the pros take a close look at that component. And if the fuse is still intact when you remove it, then there's something else wrong with the vehicle. Again, we recommend visiting your nearest Kia dealership service center for expert help.

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Visit Hanson Kia if your vehicle is having electrical trouble. Our factory-trained Kia experts have the know-how and experience to quickly diagnose and repair your complex electrical problem. In Olympia and minutes from Tenino, you'll find our service department at 2300 Carriage Loop SW, Olympia, WA 98502.


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