When do I Replace the Fuel Filter on my Kia Service FAQ in Olympia, WA
When to replace fuel filter service FAQ

When do I Replace the Fuel Filter on my Kia? Olympia, WA Auto Care Questions, Answered

KIA fuel filter replacement answers

In many of today's modern cars, the fuel filter is totally maintenance free and should last the life of the engine. In others, the fuel filter might need to be regularly replaced. Wondering what kind of fuel filter your vehicle is equipped with? You'll find the answer in your owner's manual. If your fuel filter needs to be replaced at regular intervals, be sure to have this service performed at your nearest Kia dealership. There, factory-trained experts will replace your fuel filter with a new, OEM unit identical to the original filter your vehicle rolled off the assembly line equipped with. That ensures maximum performance from your filter, so your fuel system is protected from debris and contaminants.

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For example, according to the owner's manual for the 2016 Kia Soul, the fuel filter should be inspected every 30,000 miles - but it's considered maintenance free and may never need replacement!

We'll explain below what can go wrong when your vehicle's fuel filter needs replacement. Even if your car has a maintenance-free filter, it will still need to be regularly inspected to make sure it's performing properly.

How do I Know when Something is Wrong with my Fuel Filter?

Your engine's fuel injectors add fuel to the combustion chambers through tiny pinholes. These injectors help your engine to burn a precise amount of fuel, but the tiny fuel ports can easily be clogged by debris. That's why you need a fuel filter - to keep particulate away from your fuel injectors. If one of your fuel injectors is clogged, your engine won't combust the ideal amount of fuel. And if the fuel filter gets a hole in it, debris can then flow straight to the injectors.

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If you notice your engine struggling more than it should under load - such as when climbing a hill - you might have a clogged fuel filter. The more you push on the gas pedal, the more fuel your engine will need. If your fuel filter is clogged, the flow of fuel to the engine could be restricted. This can lead to stalling and engine misfires. Even a badly clogged filter can allow enough fuel through during idling, but when you ask for more power and get very little, consider the possibility that your fuel filter has had it.

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The friendly, expert technicians at your local Kia dealership can monitor the condition of your vehicle, including the fuel filter, to stave off any major maintenance headaches. In Olympia and serving Joint Base Lewis-McChord, Hanson Kia is your neighborhood Kia dealer.


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