Why Does My Kia Vibrate When I Apply the Brakes Service FAQ in Olympia, WA
KIA brake pedal vibration service FAQs

Why Does My Kia Vibrate When I Apply the Brakes? Olympia, WA Car Questions, Answered

KIA brake pedal vibration answers

There are lots of reasons why a vehicle might shake or shudder as you drive along - but if it only happens when you engage the brakes, that indicates a problem with the braking system. It could be caused by damaged brake pads, warped rotors or even a combination of both. The good news is, these components are easy to replace and in some cases your brake rotors can even be repaired instead!

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When you press the brake pedal, the brake pad is squeezed against the brake rotor. This creates the friction that ultimately slows down your vehicle. That means these two pieces must be perfectly flat. Any imperfections will translate to shuddering vibrations through the brake pedal and even into the passenger cabin. If your Kia is rattling its way down the road, a quick stop by your nearest Kia dealer should get you back to smooth sailing.

How Do my Brakes get Damaged and How can they be Repaired?

A common myth suggests that your brake rotors can be "warped" from excess heat during braking - but no passenger car can actually get its brakes so hot they warp metal. What's more likely is that, over time, extremely subtle variations between the wheel, the brake rotor and the brake pad have become exacerbated. If the brake rotor was installed even a hairsbreadth out of true with the wheel, the brake rotor can slowly deform and eventually cause the unpleasant braking vibrations described above.

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It's the same with your brake pads. They can become damaged or warped if they weren't installed just right, or came slightly askew over time. What's more, the brake pads are coated with a friction material that helps slow your vehicle. Over time, this material wears off, which is why your brake pads need to be replaced regularly. Sometimes, this friction material can collect in uneven zones on the brake rotor. This also creates annoying vibrations when you brake, as the brake pads pass over these high and low zones on your brake rotors.

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If the Kia technicians identify a problem with your brake pads, they'll simply be replaced. If your brake rotors are damaged, they can sometimes be refinished instead - restoring them to their original, perfectly flat and smooth state. That should be enough to keep your vehicle from shaking and shuddering every time you press the brake.

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