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How Can I Properly Maintain my Car Battery? Hanson KIA Service FAQs for Olympia

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Despite its name, your car battery is quite different from the AAA cells you have in your TV remote at home. Some car batteries can even be topped-off with good-old H2O! To ensure your battery has a strong connection, so your vehicle starts up strong and powers your stereo too, make sure the battery terminals are clean, the cables are in working order, and the battery itself is fully charged.

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How Should I Clean the Terminals of my Car Battery?

Corrosion can build up on the positive and negative terminals of the battery, where the cables attach. If you're comfortable working with the battery, which is still a live electricity source, you can detach the cables and use a baking soda and water solution to remove this thick, powdery build-up. You can even buy a special battery post cleaner for this purpose.

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Beyond that, you can purchase battery chargers and maintainers from an auto parts store or the parts department at your local Kia dealership. A battery charger can help you measure the charge in your battery, and recharge it if its low. If your Kia is left in storage for an extended period, the battery will eventually go dead on its own. A battery maintainer is a device that can be attached to the battery to prepare your car for long periods of inactivity, so it starts right up when it's time to bring it back out again.

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Some batteries even have removable covers, which reveal ports to the electrolyte fluid inside. If this fluid gets low, it can actually be topped off with distilled water! But the better option is to simply have your battery evaluated by the pros at every oil change. They'll clean the battery ports, replace the fluid, charge it up or even suggest a replacement. Once the battery becomes cracked or damaged, it should be immediately replaced - but with a little TLC, your car battery can last you longer than you might expect!

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