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Nothing fits, performs and lasts on your car quite like genuine Kia parts. Original Equipment Manufacturer components are built for the specific, unique needs and design of your Kia vehicle! Best of all, you can save on these quality parts and accessories at the Hanson Kia parts department when you take advantage of these coupons. Just show the coupon you want to use to a helpful parts specialist. They can also help you find the exact right part, accessory or tool you might need to complete work on your car! Take a look below to see what's on special this month. These offers expire at the end of the month, and they may be replaced with different offers next month. We're always coming up with new offers, but sometimes that means making room by canceling old ones, so, if you see one that you can take advantage of, head to Hanson Kia today.

Why Choose OEM Parts Over Aftermarket Parts?

While aftermarket parts are always an option, they may not always give you the best value. After all, premium quality parts can be more expensive than OEM parts, while less-costly aftermarket alternatives may not provide the fit, quality and performance you expect. Cut-rate aftermarket parts may not fit as precisely as OEM parts, leading to premature wear and failure. Or, they simply may not work as well, like aftermarket brake pads that create more brake dust and more noise. Instead, be confident of the quality of the parts you're getting by choosing genuine Kia parts and components. They're made by Kia and they're identical to the components your vehicle was originally built with, and that means you can expect the same build quality and reliability.

Best of all, OEM parts are backed by a Kia warranty guarantee! The terms of the warranty may vary from part to part, but here are the Kia OEM parts warranty terms you need to know:

  • Except for batteries and mufflers, automobile parts supplied by Kia Automobile Division and purchased from and installed by an authorized Kia dealer are covered for 12 months or 12,000 miles from the date installed, whichever comes first.
  • Kia parts distributed by Kia and purchased from, but not installed by, an authorized Kia automobile dealer are covered for 12 months from the date of purchase.
  • Replacement batteries are covered for 36 months from the date of purchase.
  • Replacement mufflers have a limited lifetime warranty.

The Finest Parts For Your Kia Are At Hanson Kia In Olympia

Genuine OEM parts are the smart choice for your Kia. That's because they're the very same parts that were used to assemble your car in the first place -- from the engine and transmission to the lightbulbs and wiper blades. That means no aftermarket solution can compete with OEM when it comes to fit and function on your car. When you want to keep your vehicle performing like it did the day it rolled off the assembly line, there's simply no better option than OEM. At Hanson Kia, we stock OEM parts which you can purchase for your next project! Of course, if you want our experts to do the heavy lifting, just drop your car off at our service center. But we've also got everything a DIY-er could want plus the handy accessories, fluids and other items you need to keep your Kia running strong. When you trust OEM, you won't have to worry about cut-rate aftermarket parts that don't fit right, don't last long or simply let you down when it comes to performance. Get the best parts and accessories for your Kia direct from Kanson Kia

Visit our parts desk in person at 2300 Carriage Loop SW, Olympia, WA 98502 or click here to visit our online parts store!

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